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Membership Information

Who Can Join

    Membership is open to each residence owner, and his/her spouse.
    See details below for Annual Dues and how to join.

    NOTE: Membership is critical to your voice regarding:
    Arbitration on Lot Rent increases beyond the Consumer Price Index -Urban (CPI-U),
    and for the Right of First Offer, if our park owners decide to sell their land.

Key Benefits of Membership:

  • A great way to meet your neighbors and share information about the area!
  • A way to keep abreast of news, park rules, local and state laws that affect our community.
  • A forum to voice your opinion about community issues.
  • An opportunity to share ideas for solutions to community issues.
  • One voice as a group in sharing concerns with WHB Management.
  • Participate in our community events and annual picnic.
  • Have fun and win prizes in special decorating competitions.
  • Special discounts on local goods and services (as they are negotiated).
  • An opportunity to improve safety and security through our Neighborhood Watch program.
  • A place to share advice and tips about home ownership and home maintenance.
  • Opportunities to enjoy and (also to invite) guest speakers at our meetings.
  • Each household may vote at meetings as decision making requires.
  • Each household may vote for officers at our annual meeting in June.
  • Membership in the Delaware Manufactured Homeowners Association (DMHOA)

Annual Dues

    2024 Membership dues are $25 per household.
    Members Sign Up for Email Communications Here: Members EMAIL Sign Up
    (You will be redirected to our Google form.)

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Come Join Us and Get to Know Your Neighbors!
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