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Report suspicious activities. Call 911.
Stamp Out Crime


Neighborhood Watch


    This is a program based on volunteer efforts to look out for each other.
    As neighbors, we work together with each other, White House Beach Management and Security, and Delaware Troop 7. This program involves ALL residents/tenants of WHB, not just association members.

    Our goal is to promote the safety and security of our community all year around.

Get Involved

    As a community team effort we need everyone to be involved.
    Seasonal Residents: Please let us know who you are so we can help you.
    We want to keep our community a safe and enjoyable place to live.
    We are fortunate to have our WHB Security Team watching over us, but they
    cannot be everywhere at all times.

    All residents are asked to keep a watch for any suspicious activity in their residential area.
    Get to know your neighbors nearest your home. Pay attention to the cars and people around you. If something looks suspicious, report it.

WHB Security Guard

    WHB Security Guard: Tom Rudolph, Phone: 302-542-2918
    Call any time for assistance, or to report suspicious activity, or ask questions. His goal is to keep our community a safe, happy and enjoyable place to live.

Report Crimes

    If you suspect a crime is being committed, or is about to be committed,
    call 911 and report it. DO NOT put yourself in danger!
    Write down what you can see and get the information to the state police.

    For non-emergency reporting of suspicious activity,
    call 855-2980 instead of 911.

    When possible, please let our security guard, WHB Management and our officers know about the situation too. If we don't know about a problem, then we cannot help solve it, or prevent it in the future.

Share Your Concerns

    Please raise any concerns about safety or security during our WHB HOA General Membership meetings.

    Recent thefts in the Long Neck area included break-ins to seasonal homes and the
    theft of items from unlocked cars. Always take care to lock doors and windows, park under
    lights at night, and do not leave valuables in the open. Report all suspicious activity.

Have questions or good ideas? Need help?

Come Join Us and Get to Know Your Neighbors!
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