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Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA) Information

DMHOA is a nonprofit organziation with a statewide advocacy for owners of Manufactured homes ‚Äčon leased Land in Delaware.

Monthly Meetings

    DMHOA meetings for the general membership are usually held the fourth Monday each month at 6:30pm.
    Please visit www.DMHOA.org for details.

Meeting Info

    Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in and get comfortable with refreshments.

    In the event that a meeting must be canceled or postponed, the President of each homeowner's association will be notified.

    For further information call DMHOA at (302) 945-2122.

2019 Seminars in Sussex County

Special Note

    There is strength in numbers.
    Attend the meetings and join the committees.
    Most important - be prepared to go to Dover to fight for your home.
    Write letters to your legislators, council people and the newspapers.
    Let them know that you are tired of being treated as a second class citizen - exercise your rights!

Visit DMHOA's Web Site at www.dmhoa.org for the latest meeting info and news.

Have questions or good ideas? Need help?

    Send email to:  president@whbtenants.org

    Or write to:

      President, White House Beach Homeowners Association (HOA)
      Al Zwiebel, President
      35007 West Harbor Dr.
      Long Neck, DE 19966

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