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Program Closed Oct 20, 2018


Feral Cat Program -CLOSED as of 10-22-2018

    Effective April 1, 2018 WHB Management changed park rules to prohibit outside cats. Therefore, this Feral cat program closed down on October 22, 2018.
    (Information on this page will be removed in the near future.)

    Please keep your pet cats indoors. If your cat goes outside, park rules require a leash and supervision of your pet.

    NOTE: We are no longer accepting aluminum cans or scrap metal for the cats! Please donate your cans to another organization.

    Do you like cats? Whether you answer yes or no, we need your support!
    We have a program to help feral cats in WHB. Our "trap-neuter-vaccinate-release" program helps control our feral cat population. Many of the cats were once someone's lost or abandoned pet.

    Since March 2006, we have spayed/neutered over 97 cats with the help of local cat societies, and several WHB residents. Some cats were returned to their colonies, and tame ones were put into foster care and/or adopted out. This program has helped keep the feral cat population explosion under control.

    Many thanks to all the residents who made donations to support the spay/neuter operations.

    Do you have cats around your home?
    If you know that the cats are feral, let us know so we can schedule a "trapping date." The spay/neuter clinics require reservations in advance, so we need to trap cats in advance and have financial support ready. So, PLEASE, let us know about the cats in your area as soon as possible.

    Sponsor a Feral Cat with a Donation. The average cost to spay a female cat and give it a rabies shot is $80 minimum. The cost to neuter a male cat and give it a rabies shot is $65 minimum. The more funds we raise, the more cats we can spay/neuter. One female can give birth to 20-25 kittens a year! Let's stop the population before it grows even more.

    Foster Homes and Adoption for Kittens. We are looking for foster care homes for new kittens throughout the year, but especially in the spring and summer. If you see any new litters, please contact us immediately. If we can get young kittens into an adoption program, they do not have to live in a feral community, AND then we won't have to spend more money for them to be spayed or neutered in adulthood.

    As of February 28, 2017:
    118 Cats Adopted/Rehomed! Since our program started, we have found homes for 118 kittens and cats of various ages. We are truly grateful to their new owners for providing loving homes!

    Did you know that most of the outdoor cats in WHB were abandoned pets, or from abandoned pets? Please Spay/Neuter and microchip your cats.

    We are always looking for places to REHOME outdoor cats. Do you know someone in PA, MD, NJ or VA who has a farm or a lot of land? Please ask if they can offer a home to a pair of outside cats. Contact Darla at (302) 945-6341.

Have questions or good ideas? Need help?

    Send email to:  president@whbtenants.org

    Or write to:

      President, White House Beach Homeowners Association (HOA)
      Al Zwiebel, President
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